3. Washington Naval Talks:

The Washington Naval Talks happened between 1921 and 1922. It involved the gathering of nine countries, chiefly the United States, Great Britain, France, Japan, and Italy. The theme of the talks was naval disarmament. At the talks, a Five-Powers Treaty was signed, which established a set ratio of naval tonnage between the countries. The theme of the talks was naval disarmament. Under the Five-Power Treaty, the United States and Great Britain was allowed 500,000 tons, Japan 300,000 tons, and both Italy and France were allowed 175,000 tons. There was great controversy over the ratio; Japan wanted a 10:10:7 ratio (US: GB: Japan), while the U.S. and Great Britain wanted a 10:10:5 ratio. The final 5:5:3 ratio was arrived at through compromise, but it Japan was not satisfied. It felt that it deserved a higher tonnage and the treaty was unfair. 

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