15. Seizure of Czechoslovakia:

The Seizure of Czechoslovakia happened in March of 1939, just a few months after Munich Conference. Through the Munich Agreement, Hitler had already successfully gained control of the Sudetenland, and soon after created the SdP, Sudenten German Party, which helped greatly in the seizure of Czechoslovakia by pressing against the local governments. However, under the blanket of appeasement, he wanted the annexation of the entire Czechoslovakia. The plan to attack Czechoslovakia could be dated by to May of 1938, months before the Munich Conference. Operation Green, which was the code name for a Czech invasion, stated that it will be “set in motion by means of an 'incident' in Czechoslovakia, which will give Germany provocation for military intervention.” Needless of an excuse, Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia according to schedule. Great Britain, seeing that Hitler betrayed the terms of the Munich Pact, tried to stop Germany. But their efforts were not enough to stop the strong Nazi Army, and the Germans successfully seized control of the government.

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