18. Invasion of Poland:

The invasion of Poland in 1939 precipitated World War II.  The invasion of Poland had been executed by Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and a small Slovak contingent.  The Invasion of Poland has many names which include the September Campaign, 1939 Defensive War, Polish-German War of 1939 or the Poland Campaign.  The invasion of Poland had served as the start line of World War II in Europe, Poland’s western allies: the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand had declared war on Germany September 3rd.  France, South Africa and Canada had also declared war on Germany.  On September 1st 1939, one week after the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact had been signed had come to an end October 6th 1939 when Germany and the Soviet Union had occupied all of Poland.  Although the United Kingdom of France had declared war on Germany once Germany had begun its assault on Poland, miniscule amounts of military aid were provided to Poland.  This absence of heavy military support was in direct violation of the France/Poland treaty of 1939, in which France prmoised to support Poland in the event of a German invasion.  During the invasion of Poland, Germany was also able to try out the Blitzkrieg as a military tactic, which demolished Poland and allowed Hitler to conquer Poland in a very short period of time.  When the unprecedented tactic of the Blitzkrieg had hit the world, this caught the nations by surprise and allowed Hitler to gain an upper hand in terms of Military.  

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