By: Ben Pi, Tony Fu, Amere Huang, Jeff Fong, Edwin Li, Irena Liu


The Assignment

To examine those events which either increased national tensions and the likelihood of war or helped improve international relations from 1919-1941.

Construct a chart or timeline including the following information:
A) A brief summary of the event. Note the countries involved. Consider the 5 W's.
B) Identify the major concepts involved from the concept list provided.
C) An in depth generalization of how this event contributed to the escalation of tension or the removal of tension leading to WWII. This is your chance to develop the concepts associated with the event.

Internationalism– Greater political and economical harmony
Confrontation– Conflict, war between nations

Cooperation – countries working together to achieve goals
Nationalism – Pride in one’s own country
National Security – Security of nation/ country
Self determination – Country/ people choose own sovereignty
Regional Security – Security of specific region/ area
Global collective security – countries that act together to preserve peace and stop war for the common good
Alliance – Agreement between two or more countries to support each other
Economic security – stable economy for good future
Expansionism – idea of expansion and conquest of new territories
Conflict – Disagreement
Total war – Extreme confrontation

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